The Story Behind Father John’s:

The original 1867 wooden Methodist church was replaced in 1895 with a “modern” and beautifully grandiose brick church filled with spectacular stained glass windows and a custom built pipe organ. Housing the Methodist church and later a Baptist church, the old stately structure stood empty as both congregations outgrew their spiritual home. She sat empty and her age began to show…the falling slate roof and wet crumbling foundation had sealed her fate.

Not wanting to leave the magnificent building to fall into ruin and abandonment, Dr. John Trippy purchased the aged icon and immediately replaced the failing roof and halted the deterioration of the once great building. This however left him with one fundamental question…”What am I going to do with this?”

The answer came in the form of a quote from a dear friend of Dr. Trippy’s. The quote read, “First do what’s necessary, then do what possible, soon you will be doing the impossible.” The words of St. Francis soon became the mantra of saving the old church.

Wanting to serve the masses and the community that helped bring the old church to life in the first place, Dr. Trippy decided to resurrect the old building as a brewery and restaurant. Thus, in 2012, Father John’s Brewery came to life as a spiritual food and drink destination in Northwest Ohio. In 2017, the Stoned Goat Inn was opened in the Parsonage of the old church, offering a respite for weary travelers. So in the words of Dr. Trippy, “Come, enjoy, reflect, and be grateful!”




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Tues - Thurs: 3pm - 10pm

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Saturday: 11am - Midnight

Sunday: Rest

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The Stoned Goat Inn

We have 5 private rooms from which to choose in our restored 1875 parsonage adjoining Father John's restaurant and brewery offering weary pilgrims safe passage. Eat, drink, and be merry for a bed beckons your soul to mingle with the spirits lounging at the Stoned Goat Inn.

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